APP is an organization that aims to assist its member Posts to:

  • Enhance their respective market shares;
  • Improve the quality of their services
  • Address the overall operational, technical, commercial and economic issues pertaining to postal services in the Asia Pacific region.

It is also important to note that the APP was deliberately established as a cooperative body to enshrine it’s not for profit motive. Membership of the APP is voluntary albeit restricted to the designated operators of APPU member countries. The APP currently has 27 member Posts.

The quality of the postal services provided by APP members is a major focus of our activities. This is true today as it was at the inception of the APP.

The focus of the APP in its early years was in assisting its members with improving the quality of their EMS service given the opportunities that EMS presented as a postal response to the courier and express services provided by the likes of integrators such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT. Today, the APP’s activities in the area of service of performance are manifold. They span a range of products from EMS to parcels, they entail monitoring, reporting and diagnosing, and provide for operational audits through site visits and desktop research. These activities have been instrumental in assisting APP members in improving the quality of their service and in securing additional remuneration through the various remuneration bonus schemes of the UPU.

A second cornerstone of APP activities from its inception has been the APP’s market intelligence, information and best practice sharing services. The objective of these services has been to ensure that APP members gain market insights on a timely and informed manner, to enable them to capitalise on emerging opportunities in their traditional businesses or in new areas of growth such as eCommerce. The APP’s various publications, such as the APP Newsflash and the APP Report, and the many marketing and business workshops organized by the APP Office, are some examples of the APP’s activities in this space.

The third and final cornerstone of the APP’s activities are its initiatives aimed at creating regional opportunities for the postal products and services of APP members either individually or collectively.